All these objects are FREE to download right now by heading to the objects and downloads, sims 1 sections!
  New spells!  

Tired of the old boring spells in MM? Than your going to love these. A special set of wand chargers and spell books will have your sims casting awesome spells like lightning, Heal, power up, magic bubble and more...over 20 NEW spells!

A special phone plugin that lets you order any ingredient over the phone as long as your sims are willing to pay!

  Skill tester, teleporter and punching bag  
Sims can try their skill and win a prize, Transport sims from anywhere including townies and neighbours! Sims can punch it and gain body points.

  Cell phones  
Sims can purchase and use cell phones to call their friends or receive home phone calls on!

  Glass floors  

Special floors that are not only see through but place several colors together and they will overlap and create new colors! Anything can also be placed on top of them too.

  Drivable cars  
Cool and sleek cars that sims can really drive downtown! lots more designs available inside.

Real elevators that sims can use to travel to the 2nd floor in a second. Glass designs also available.

A real working stargate with custom sound that sims can use to travel downtown!

  Pool toys  
These can be placed in a pool for decorative purposes. Sims will swim around them.

  Shop signs  

A variety of shops signs to choose from whether your running a cafe, bakery or burlesque house.

  Big screen TV's  
  Several big screen tv's to chose from each with custom TV images for all channels.

  Nintendo gamecube, guardian alarm, bookcase of knowledge and custom dart boards.  

Nintendo gamecube that sims can actually play games on! Place the guardian outside your sims homes and they'll never have to worry about that pesky burglar anymore. If he dares show up he'll be caught instantly! Sims can learn any skill from the bookcase of knowledge. And custom made dartboards for your sims enjoyment.

  Custom slot machines  

Custom made slot machines sims can gamble on with new reels and light effects.

  Custom dance floors  

Custom made metal and wooden dance floors that can be overlapped and have objects placed on them.

  Object sets  
12 complete sets each with it's own unique set of objects including some specially made items just made for that set.

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