Here's just a few interesting things subscribers will have access to on this site the rest you can browse freely in the objects and downloads sections if you wish to download any a subscription is required.
  Custom blackjack table  
Ea actually did a good job making this available from the store...and I made it better.

  Tardis transporter  
With supernatural came the LLAMA transporter device which lets your sims warp to any LLAMA on the map. And I made one out of a TARDIS you can use them stand alone or with other LLAMAs.

  Simbot recharging station  
Have no way to recharge your simbots (wtf is wrong with you EA?!) Than you'll need this for sure. Requires both world adventures and ambitions to use though.

  Simbot buddy  
  Is your simbot lonely? This item will raises their social motive by talking to and hugging it.

  Retro coffee vending machines  
With these stylish retro looking coffee machines sims can get a cup of Joe anytime anywhere.

  Buyable ambition items  

Tired of waiting for the music box's to appear in the consignment store or too lazy to invent the coolest items? Than buy them.


Looking for something to store all your sims gems, seeds, books and many other things in? Than you'll want these handy storage devices available in a variety of practical and crazy designs.

  Custom made late night musical instruments  

With late night came electric guitars and drum kits and we immediately got to work on creating our own for you to enjoy.

  New vehicles  
  New spaceships, harry potter brooms, cool cars and other flying vehicles for your sims to drive.  


  Potion of courage  
Drink it for a 2-3 hour motive boost and +25 mood increase. It also gives courage when in tombs.

You place the transporter console with pad anywhere you want you then buy the communicator which goes in your inventory. You can use the communicator from anywhere to instantly transport back to wherever you placed the console.


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