The mega medieval pack contains fixes, updates and hacks that will update your game for the better! Containing the best mods from all over easily accessed and ready to download from 1 file as well as our own special mods you don't need to browse through hundreds of pages and signup to dozens of sites looking for them we've done it for you! Only subscribers can download the super mod patch check out it's list of features below. Newest mods have next to them and mods that have been updated and will need to be re-downloaded have next to them.

Warning you must update to official patch 2.0 before you can use any of these mods failure to do so will cause the game to crash or act unpredictably!

Sims medieval original mods

  • Nude patch: Gets rid of the annoying blur when sims bathe.
  • Breast sliders: Allows you to change females breast sizes (These appear in the Mouth CAS tab, in the Advanced page, under the Global setting.)
  • NO intro: Stops the intro movie from running when you start the game.
  • All ambitions unlocked: Unlocks the Ambitions (game types). So when starting a new game one doesn't have to choose New Beginnings, you can choose any of them. 
  • Default nude replacements: Replaces all female sims and gives them nipples and sex parts. Replaces all males and makes them hairy.
  • Nude clothing: Special clothing for females to make them walk around in the nude. Use with default nude replacements for full effect.
  • More queue slots: Changes the interaction queue from 8 to 20.
  • No Pregnancy: prevents pregnancy when sims WooHoo. Baby Made chance is moved from 50% to 0%.
  • More cask servings: Changes the casks to serve more the pitcher now holds 8 drinks instead of 4.
  • Hidden traits unlocked: The list of abilities exposed by this mod are:
    Advisor- Unknown- Likely related to the Advisor NPC.
    Combat- Knight, Spy, Sovereign- Allows for character to fight.
    Commerce- Merchant- Likely allows for trade missions.
    Constable- Unknown- Likely something to do with law enforcement. Sending people to the Stocks?
    Execution- Unknown- Likely related to the Executioner. Sending people to the Pit?
    Gathering- Spy- Allows character to gather basic herbs.
    Geology- Blacksmith- Allows mining.
    Herbalism- Medic, Wizard- Allows more advanced gathering of herbs.
    Jester- Play with sock puppet.
    Lore- Unknown.
    Lutecraft- Bard- Allows playing of lute.
    Magic- Wizard- Allows magical stuff (ie. skry, research).
    Magicraft- Wizard- Ability to make magical items.
    Medcraft- Medic- Ability to make medical items.
    Medicine- Medic- Another ability to make medical items.
    Metalworking- Blacksmith- Ability to craft weapons and armour.
    OffensiveSpells- Wizard- Ability to cast offensive spells.
    Performance- Bard- Ability to perform.
    Poisons- Spy- Ability to create and use poisons.
    Politics- Monarch, Spy- Ability to create and vote on petitions.
    Royalty- Monarch- Call for food.
    Scoundrel- Spy- Threaten for money and stealing. Eavesdropping?
    Selling- Merchant- Allows character to run the merchant shop and balance the books.
    Tactics- Knight, Monarch- Ability to use tactical board.
    Treatment- Medic- Ability to treat illnesses.
    UtilitySpells- Wizard- Ability to cast non-offensive spells.
  • faster herb collecting: speeds up herb collecting.
  • No autonomous whittle: Stops the Autonomous wood carving.
  • 360 degree camera: Enables the camera to be rotated 360 degrees.
  • 6 hero kids: Increases the limit on hero children to 6, from the 3 kids per household/lot.
  • More frequent bathing: pushes sims to use the bathtub autonomously more frequently.
  • Default replacement eyes: lighten up the iris a bit, such that the 8 presets used when the game generates new sims will be a bit lighter, sims walking into town for the first time will not have eyes quite as dark as they have now. Also the dark ring around the iris is removed.
  • More items at market store: Places more items at the Market Stall, there should be 50 to choose from every day instead of 12. Also more seldom items and items locked to begin with (these are quest items I think) are made available here or at the Village Shoppe.
  • More map tags: Places map tags on all sims so they can be located easily.
  • Store seeds in larders: Allows you to store seeds in the larder.
  • No Auto Sword Fighting: No distracting sword fights will occur among children or adults in the throne room, reception hall, churches, nowhere uncalled for. Unless repealed, only heroes inspired by The Watcher may challenge and spar.
  • Enhanced Wizard Meditation: Meditating now fills hunger and energy motives, it now offers a small experience point boost. Meditation only takes an hour and a half also.
  • Npcs can clean: Enabled sweeping floors and scrubbing floors for all professions and npcs.
  • Easy WooHoo and seduce: The WooHoo action will come up sooner on the pie menu, all one needs is a romantic relationship with the other sim. WooHoo should always be successful, the sim shouldn't be rejected. The Seduce action, from the quest, is added on the top menu. Using Seduce causes an immediate romantic relationship and large relationship boost.
  • All Bard Songs at Level 2: Makes all the extra bard songs available at level 2, so one doesn't need to level up a bard all the way to hear the different songs.
  • Autumn Leaves : Brings the colors of Autumn to the kingdom.
  • Town Wall Replacement : Replaces the gray stone on the town wall with a different color.
  • Legendary Traits Enabled : Enables the Legendary traits so they can be chosen for your Heroes instead of Fatal Flaws right from the start.
  • No Townie Kids: Prevents the spawning of townie kids from the Village, such that the sims walking into the hood will all be adults.
  • Wizard Earlier Spells and more spells memorized: Gives all the spells and runes to wizards earlier. Also lets them memorize many more spells than the default 3, and reduces the energy loss when using most of the spells.
  • Route Fail Animation Replaced: Replaces the route-fail animation with a different one, such that sims just stand there when getting the route-fail instead of doing the noisy complaining.
  • Drunk animations: Gives the appearance of sims being more drunk when they have had three drinks or more drinks.

Sims medieval pirates and nobles mods

  • All Birds Available : Makes all birds available for purchase right away from any perch. To get the birds, place one of the perches from Buy Mode on a lot, and have your sim click on the perch.
  • Birds Hunt Treasure Faster: Reduces the time used by the birds to hunt treasure to between 10-20 minutes.
  • P&N reduced Treasure Hunting: Reduces the time used to dig for treasure to about half. Also the time used to fill in the holes is reduced by about half.


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