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Adult dvd tv

This special object has 2 purposes it acts as a normal TV any sim can watch and enjoy but it also has another dirty secret! Follow these steps below

  1. To unlock the special naughty part of the tv 1st you must place the DVD rack on an away lot make sure to place a cash register also and save it.
  2. Send a sim to that lot than click on the rack. Choose from a variety of dvd's in several categories for your sim to enjoy. They will than purchase the dvd and place it in their inventory.
  3. The dvd will never leave your sims inventory until you click on the tv unless the sex cabinet is present than they will place the dvd in that upon returning home. Choose install dvd after clicking on the TV it will than vanish and will now be installed into the tv.
  4. Click on the tv and a new menu will now appear click it and enjoy the show.
  5. Last thing you can do is have your sims masturbate while watching porn!
Adult magazines

Sims can enjoy their favourite smut magazines by following the steps below

  1. Place the magazine rack on an away lot along with a cash register and save it.
  2. Send a sim to that lot than click on the rack. Choose a magazine to purchase than return home.
  3. If there's an available surface the sim will place the magazine on it.
  4. If the sex cabinet is present they will place the magazine in it where it can be retrieved later and placed on a surface
  5. Sims can read the magazine and masturbate over it by clicking on it!

Sims can use condoms to have sex and never worry about babies! Follow these steps

  1. To use the condoms 1st you need to place the condom machine (looks like a gumball machine) on an away lot along with a cash register and save.
  2. Get a sim to go to that lot and click on the machine choose the color (flavour) you want and your sims will buy it and place it in their inventory there it will remain until your sim uses a love bed or until they store them in the sex cabinet. Please be aware only male sims can use the condoms if a female buys them they will need to store the condoms later in the sex cabinet.
  3. Get your male sim to use a love bed that is compatible with the condoms it will tell you if the bed is when you download it just look for the condom next to it. 
  4. Once you get your male sim into the bed they will automatically put on the condom (same rules apply make them get into the left side where the pay box is/was except for the blue royale) get them to invite a female sim in for some fun the condom will remain on until their finished. Once a condom is used you will never ever have to worry about a baby appearing after sex!

Cell phones

Sims can use a phone anytime and anywhere follow these steps to setting it up

  1. First place the cell phone display rack on an away lot along with a cash register than save.
  2. Send a sim to the lot and click on the rack to purchase the phone.
  3. Once bought click on the sims plumb bob (the green diamond above their head) to use the phone to call their friends!
  4. When at home if you have a home phone and it rings click on the sims diamond again to intercept the call!

Female sims can enjoy a night alone with this special toy following these steps

  1. Make sure you have installed the phone plugins before attempting to use this otherwise they won't work.
  2. You 1st need to place the dildo rack on an away lot along with a cash register and save.
  3. When your sims venture to the lot get them to click on the rack and choose a color to buy there are many colors to choose from including jelly dongs! Once you find a color you like your sim will buy the dildo than remains in their inventory until they return home.
  4. They will than place it on the nearest available surface or in the sex cabinet if it is present upon returning home if there are no available surfaces it will remain in their inventory next time you return home make sure there is an available surface!
  5. To use the dildo simply click on it and choose play than choose a spot to use it in. The available choices are: On the floor, in a chair, on a sofa or on a bed. Your sim will than pleasure herself in that location until...make sure to clean up the mess afterwards!
  6. If a sim chooses to use it in a chair there are 2 types of chairs each will have different animations: Normal chairs and recliner chairs. Sims will even use a dildo on a sofa if someone is sitting on it instead of lying down they'll sit up!
  7. You can also buy and place the dildos separately on an away lot so anyone can use them but they will need to go to that lot to use them they won't be able to take them home. If an NPC, stripper or visiting sim on the lot uses them they will choose a random location to use them in.

Tired of stairs or need to get upstairs fast? Than use these follow the steps on how to set them up correctly

  1. First you need to place 3 walls in a C shape: |_|
  2. Place the elevator where there is no wall (in the gap.)
  3. This has to be done in the same spot on both the 1st and 2nd floor.
  4. Now to place the elevator keep rotating it until it snaps into place.
  5. To use elevators get a sim to either do something on the 2nd floor (eg: go to a bed) or click somewhere on the 2nd floor and choose GO HERE. If there are stairs present also and they are closer to them than they will use them instead. If you only want your sims to use elevators than don't place any stairs at all.
  6. Make sure there is nothing in front of the elevators entrance or the sims won't use them!
  7. For an example click here


Sims lonely and don't have a date? Call one over than and skip straight to 1st base!

  1. Make sure you have installed the phone plugins before attempting to use this otherwise they won't work.
  2. Once installed simply get your sims to use a phone and select the escort option.
  3. A menu will appear choose the hooker to hire and follow the on screen instructions. A short moment later the hooker will arrive at the door and enter the house.
  4. Now you can do anything you like with the hookers if you don't do anything she will find her own ways to entertain herself like talk to your sims, give them backrubs or use any items on the lot that she finds fun.
  5. If there's a love bed present she will make her way to that so follow her! You better be quick on what you decide to do with her though because after 2 hours she will leave on her own and she'll still charge you if you don't do anything.

To use the awesome new spells 1st you will need makin magic installed than you need to follow these steps

  1. First download a glyph stone and a wand charger it doesn't matter which one.
  2. To install spells, glyph stones, wand charger and books create a NEW folder in your downloads directory and name it SPELLS and unzip everything into this folder. Make sure you unzip everything directly into the folder and not other folders inside the folder!
  3. Than choose a spell book to download depending what spells you want you will need to download a certain spell book to use them.
  4. When downloading a spell it will tell you which book it uses click the spells icon to download them.
  5. Once everything is correctly installed start the game and get ready to have some fun! 1st locate the 3 items you will need to use spell: The spell books, glyph stone and wand charger you will need all 3 of these for the spells to work they will not work with the original spell charger or spell books maxis made.
  6. Once you have bought all of these and place them on your lot get a sim to read 1 of the spell books and choose lookup spells. It will tell you what ingredients you will need so go and get them they are the same ingredients as any other makin magic spells some are very hard to get so you'll have to work hard to get them...or you can always buy the magi mart.
  7. Once you have the correct ingredients place them in the special wand charger and choose charge wand (of course you will need a wand also.)
  8. The spell will appear in your sims inventory until you use it. Now most of the spells need the special glyph stone to unlock their power so click on it and choose cast!
  9. Choose the spell to cast and that's about all there is to it for other spells click on a sim and choose cast.
  10. Be warned there are backfires to the spells if you don't cast them correctly like your sim is in a bad mood there could be trouble.
  11. Want to cause some mayhem on an away lot? Simply buy and place any glyph stone on an away lot than send your sims down there with a spell and cast it on it. If your using destructive spells than put the glyph stone near crowded areas and places where there's lots of objects for some real chaos!
Love beds

When you try to use the love beds you have to remember 1 important thing always: The male sim must always initiate!.

  1. So 1st you get a male sim to click on the side of the bed where the pay box is located (or the left side of the bed when it's facing SE direction if there is no pay box click here for example)
  2. Once they are in get a female sim to click on the opposite side of the bed and choose the play options.
  3. Sims also do not need to be in love to use the beds and don't be surprised if our strippers join in the fun also.
  4.  If you want some girl on girl action than you have to use the sex rugs.
  5. 1 more thing some love beds have multiple positions so when you get your male sim to jump in you need to select a position instead of vibrate.
  6. Now when you get a female sim to get in make sure you choose the exact same position otherwise the animations may be wrong!
  7. Example you select a male sim, click on the bed and choose doggy. Do the same with a female sim select the other side of the bed and choose doggy.
Love beds on away lots

Your sims can actually have sex with the strippers and practically anyone on away lots with our special love beds and sex rugs you can make your own brothels! Here's what to do

  1. For love beds simply get any male sim to get into the side of the bed where the pay box is located and use the vibrate option.
  2. If there are strippers or townies on the lot sooner or later they will jump into the bed with your male sim and well you know what happens next.
  3. For the sex rugs simply get any sim to lye down on the rug.
  4. If there are strippers or townies present sooner or later 1 will come and lye down on the rug and play with your sim.
  5. This will also work with strangers and other sims from your neighbourhood too and even other NPC's!
Sex cabinet

With this special cabinet on your home lots sims can store bought: Condoms, adult dvd, magazines and the dildos in it

  1. Upon returning home with their bought sex toys the sim will automatically place them in the cabinet where they can be retrieved later on to be used and than stored again (except for condoms and dvd which disappear once used.
  2. Simply click on the cabinet and choose remove or store than choose a sex toy you can select to get out 1 at a time or choose retrieve all of the selected item.
  3. When a magazine or dildo is lying round the house simply click on it and choose store to put it back in the cabinet.
Sex booths

Sims can enjoy the thrill of sex in public with these special changing booths.

  1. First place the booth on an away lot along with a cash register, mirror and clothes racks than save.
  2. 1st you need to be on a date so grab a date and go to the away lot with the booth.
  3. Now find a clothes rack such as the lingerie and get your sim to click on it. Choose try on and than select your dates name.
  4. Wait for your date to go into the booth than after a few seconds get your other sim to click on it and the PLAY option should appear. Better make sure your date is in a good mood and has to either be in love or very fond of your sim to play with them otherwise they get slapped!
  5. For best results if a male sim is in the blue booth than get a female to click on it, If a female is in the red booth than get a male sim to click on it unfortunately it's not possible to tell them what booth to go in...however you can choose your sim to try on clothes and if your date is in the mood they may drop in on their own.
Sex rugs

The sex rugs are different than the love beds any sim can initiate and you can click on any side of the rug without messing up animations. It also has special animations for girl on girl action!

  1. Simply get a sim to click on the rug and choose the lye down option do the same for the 2nd sim.
  2. Clicking on different sides of the rug will make the sims do different positions.
  3. Our sex rugs also have a special hidden extra ability to them: Anyone will use them and they don't need to be in love.
  4. Even our strippers can't resist having a fling with your sim on them!
Sex picnics

Sims can enjoy a nice picnic outside and also enjoy the thrill of public sex outdoors!

  1. Just like the love beds The male sim must always initiate! So 1st you get a male sim to click on the side of the blanket when it's facing SE direction (click here for example) and choose picnic.
  2.  Once they are in get a female sim to click on the opposite side of the blanket and choose the picnic option. You now have several options to choose from.
  3. Click on the picnic basket and choose eat for a normal picnic sims will gain hunger and fun points.
  4. Click on the picnic basket with a male sim and choose sunbathe for a blowjob!
  5. Click on the female sim with a male sim and choose kiss for a hot kiss scene both sims need a high enough relationship for this option to work.
  6. Click on the female sim with a male sim and choose f*** for some naughty doggy action both sims need a high enough relationship for this option to work.
  7. To end the picnic click on the basket and choose stand.
Sex sofa

To use the masturbate option simply get a sim to click the sofa and select it! To get 2 sims to play follow these steps

  1. 1st select your male sim and get them to sit down usually on the left side of the couch.
  2. Select a female sim and get her to sit down also. Your sims will than begin chatting.
  3. Let them chat for a bit than select your male sim and select the cuddle option. Both sims need to be either in love or have a crush to use the cuddle option. If your using it on a date she must at least like your male sim enough.
  4. If the cuddle option works your sims should move closer and begin cuddling.
  5. Now if everything has gone to plan 3 other options should appear when you get your male sim to click on the female: embrace, doggy and ride me. The embrace option lets your sims start fondling each other...however the other 2 options are far more naughty they allow your sims to play on the sofa! Select the option of your choice and enjoy the show.
  6. The sex sofa also installs a special global file into your sims/gamedata/global folder called sofaglobals. This file has been tested and works fine with all files and patches on this site however it may not work with third party (other sims site) patches. If you experience problems than remove the third party patches from your global folder.

Strippers must be placed on away lots they will dance on their tiles, interact with sims, use any objects on the lot and also have sex!

  1. Before you use the strippers make sure you have BOTH houseparty and hotdate installed!
  2. Now you must download the social interactions 1st and you only have to download this file once and not every time you install a new stripper.

  3. Once unzipped simply create a new folder into the downloads folder and place all the strippers and social interactions into it.
  4. 1st place the strippers dance tile wherever you like on an way lot and save.
  5. The next time your sims visit that lot the strippers will be there and and ready for action. The strippers like to do their sexy dance and strip tease on their tiles while your sims gather around and watch.
  6. But they don't just dance occasionally your strippers will wander around the lot and search for fun items to use and sims to socialize with.
  7. The strippers will use any visitor enabled object on your lots whether it be a chess set, bar, shops, restaurant and even our love beds and sex rugs!
  8. Eventually they'll return to their dance tiles and repeat the process.
Sex interactions

The sex interactions aren't limited to objects or beds sims can use them anywhere...anytime!

  1. Once downloaded simply create a new folder inside downloads and unzip all contents into it.
  2. To use the interactions for most of them your sim has to be in love with the sim for them to even show up in the menu's after clicking a sim.
  3. Once you see them simply click on them their like the social interactions in the game your sim will either accept or reject them depending on relationship, mood etc.
  4. For the sex interactions click the menu have sex than choose a naughty position!
  5. Please be aware to use the sex in chair interaction there must be a chair in the room and it MUST NOT be up against a wall.
  6. You can choose to have sex anywhere, choose from a variety of positions and even on objects like chairs and sofas.
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