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  Objects sets can be found here. Click an objects preview image to download refer to the FAQ on how to install objects. 

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Download Name/Description Version Category Section

Sci fi columns Build Columns
Alien artifact Decorative Sculptures
Alien test chamber Decorative Sculptures
Cloaking device (sims can turn invisible and walk through walls) Electronics Other
Sci-fi column Build Columns

Missile launcher

Decorative Other
Nuclear re-generator (sims can use it and regenerate all their motives. However there's a 20% risk radiation could kill the sim or mutate them Electronics Other
Orrery Decorative Street
Power battery Decorative Other
K-9 techno mutt Decorative Sculptures
Deadeye robot Decorative Sculptures
Ceiling sentry gun Decorative Other
Sentry guns Decorative Other
Transporter (place more than 1 pad and sims can teleport between) Build Stairs
Teleporter XL 500 (sims can use them instead of stairs. They work the same way as the elevator) Build Stairs
Human bio chamber Decorative Sculptures
Hal 9000 burglar alarm Electronics Other
Cargo crate (is stackable) Surfaces End tables
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Dice chair Chairs Other
Ball Decorative Other
Jack in the box Decorative Other
Tricycle Decorative Sculptures
Teddy bear Decorative Sculptures
Big teddy Decorative Sculptures

Toy airplanes (sims can pretend to fly and play with them) Electronics Entertainment
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Appliances Shops
Gas pump Decorative Street
Water and air pump Decorative Street
Car vacuum cleaner Decorative Street
Petrol price sign Decorative Street
Service sign Decorative Street
Direction sign Decorative Street
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Ice cream clock Decorative Other
Ice cream food counter (can be used like original) Appliances Shops
Neon ice cream
Decorative Shops
Ice cream cone
Lamps Table lamps
Ice cream cone
makers (sims can make their own ice cream using cooking ingredients
Appliances Small

Ice cream Shop
Decorative Other
Ice cream Shop
Decorative Shops
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Spooky trees Build Plants
Skull altar Decorative Sculptures
Skull tower lamp Lights Standing lamps
Cauldron (sims can stir the cauldron and gain cooking and creativity skills while wearing witches and wizards hats Misc Magic
Spooky ball
and chain
Decorative Sculptures
Torture rack Decorative Sculptures
Skull stack Decorative Sculptures
Skull spire lamp Lights Table lamps
Rusty metal
blood column
Build Columns
Guillotine Decorative Sculptures
Rusty cage counter Surfaces Counters
Skull on a wall Lights Wall lamps
Cage of skulls Decorative Sculptures
Bone orb Lights Standing lamps
Glass top lamp Chairs Lounge
Grave Decorative Sculptures
Iron maiden Decorative Sculptures
Dark column Build Columns
Dark door Build Doors
Dark column Decorative Sculptures
Skull lamps Lights Table lamps
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Castle Banner Decorative Other
Gold chest Decorative Sculptures
Logs Build Plants
Shield Decorative Paintings
Sword case Decorative Sculptures
Weapons chest Decorative Sculptures
Well Decorative Other
Beer keg (acts like a bar) Misc Other
Horse troth Decorative Other
Twin swords Decorative Paintings
Crystal ball Misc Other
Wall torch Lights Wall lamps
Cross's Decorative Sculptures
Archway Build Columns
Medieval floor pack Build Floors
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Large gumball machine Decorative Shops
Candy cane store sign Decorative Shops
Chocolate column Build Columns
Candy counter Surfaces Shops
Candy cane wall lamp Lights Wall lamps
Wall candy cane Decorative Paintings
Jawbreaker ceiling lamps  Lights Hanging lamps
Small gumball  machines (sims can get and eat bubblegum from these and blow bubbles) Misc Other
Candy canes Decorative Sculptures
Candy columns Build Columns
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Bench Seating Street
Lamp post Lights Street
Sea saw Decorative Street
Slides Decorative Street
Trash can Misc Street
Arches Build Plants
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Parking meter Decorative Street
Traffic lights Lights Street
Newspaper box Decorative Street
Dumpster Decorative Street

Street signs Decorative Street

Billboards Decorative Street
Large billboards Decorative Street

Warning you will need original found at!
Drink vending machine (requires original pepsi machine download) Electronics Street
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
The evil eye Decorative Other
Jewel mirror Other Wardrobe
Mushroom garden (sims can harvest toadstools from it) Build Plants
Skull spire Decorative Other
Spectral rock Decorative Other
Temple of light Lights Standing lamps
Light staff Lights Standing lamps
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