The pandora sims spell system is a new unique set of spells that coexists with the original spells already in makin magic the difference is only certain spells appear in certain spell books and the wand charger can use both wand charger and charm ingredients! To use the spell system you need to download all 3 spell books, the wand charger and any of the glyph stones. To use the spells it is the same as the originals: read the book, gather the ingredients and charge your wand but the difference is most spells need to be cast on a glyph stone to unlock their powers this means wherever there is a glyph stone than you can cast spells even on away lots. Remember only certain spells will appear in certain books it will tell you which below all these files will work in makin magic only. Refer to the FAQ on how to install objects and use spells fully.

ALL objects in this section are FREE to download!



Download Name/Description Category
Magi-mart (sims can order practically any magic ingredients, farm or cooking supplies over the phone if they pay $750) N/A
Spell book of light Magic
Spell book of nature Magic
Spell book of power Magic
Glyph stones Magic
Wand charger of light Magic
Download Name/Description Book
Puppeteer Take control of any sim for 2 hours Power
Freudian Nightmare Make a sim nude and watch them get humiliated Power
Power-up Gain 1 skill point of your choice Light
Magic bubble Keep all your sims motives green for 1 whole day  Light
Dream job Gain any job at any skill level anytime Light
Fireball Set fire to objects on the lot Nature
Earthquake Smash all breakable objects on a lot Nature
Levitate Sims can float and entertain the sims around them Light
Heal Makes fun, hunger and hygiene motives green Light
Resurrect Bring sims back to life. Be careful sometimes a zombie appears and breaks things Power
Perfect pet Give your pets skill points (unleashed required) Light
Teleport Grant your sims the teleport spell Light
Magic beans Grows a beanstalk on your lot Nature
Fertilize Waters your sims gardens Nature
Petrify Turn a sim to stone for a short while Power
Immortality Sims never have to eat again Power
Infestation Unleash a plague of roaches and mice Power
Pickpocket Steal money from sims Power
Hex Curse a sim Power
Lightning bolt Target a sim and electrocute them Nature
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