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Nude patch Bye bye blur in sims 2 NO exe modification required just place in your downloads folder! Click the logo corresponding to the version you need to the right.  

Nude bodyshop
Removes the clothing on the bodyshop mannequins when making genetic skins for all ages and sexes. With this makes it a lot easier to get your skins perfect when making genetics.  
Nude pack Contains special skins that will: Make females nude, Make females topless, Make female pantsless, Make males nude, Make males topless, Make female teens nude and Make female teens topless! Click here for a tutorial.  
Nudist mod Click on your sim and make them nude. Also makes sims woohoo in the nude and adds special option to sleep naked!  

Have sex mod This patch changes the word woohoo in the game
to have sex not as graphical as the f-word mod but does the job except the f-word mod is for all versions this is sims 2 original only. Read the read me file included and
back up the files it replaces before installing this.
Gain fishing points away from home Gain fishing points on community lots
(subscribers only)
Mirror room CAS A cool custom CAS screen where the entire room is filled with mirrors! To use this you need to have the strip club set mirrors installed. Just drop it in your downloads folder for it to take effect. For a preview click HERE.  
Pandora sims collection icons pack A special set of icons I created to use with your custom collections. Now when you download our stuff and make a collection just for our stuff you can have the perfect icons for it.
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