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Years ago I opened pandora's box and unleashed evil into the sims universe now I invite YOU to experience that evil with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, sims 4 drivable cars, game mods, super mod and nude patch, sexy fallout 4 mods and many more!
1st time here, new to modding or having trouble with mods and objects? Than head over to the
FAQ to get your questions answered. In the meantime please enjoy a slideshow of some of the sims 3 adult content available on this site! To view more content available exclusively to subscribers than please visit the downloads section.

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Fantastic F*** mod now available with sims 4 sex animations!! CLICK HERE (login required)
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Sims 4 fantastic F*** mod latest updates (last updated 21/08/16)
FFM Mod Missionary, Cowgirl, Blowjob, Doggy On Bed animations.
Sims 4 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 17/07/16)
Faster homework Larger interaction queue
Custom Bar Drinks Stop Random Flirting Play Voidcritters For All Ages Increased limit for hiring.
Sims 3 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 29/05/16)
Eat outside of restaurants Reheat Food in Microwave.
No Free Quick Meals No Autonomous Syphon Power (ITF) Half magic power decay for witches (SN.)
Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 24/07/16)
Sextendo paintable artistic paintings.
Sims 3 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 29/05/16)
Super CAS mod.
Coming soon!
More animations!
Sims 4 latest adult updates
Fantastic F*** MOD!

Mirror floors!
Sims 4 latest updates

Flyable spaceships!


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