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Super mod patch 4 has been updated New sims 4 sexy manga paintings now available.
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Sims 4 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 01/08/15)
longer parties more guests get to school.
Turbo Careers No Free Books Autonomous Use of Hot Tubs at the Spa.
Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 01/08/15)
Nude Massage, Steamroom, and Mudbath
Sims 3 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 14/06/15)
Taxi charge cook with any ingredients cooking and ingredient overhaul Increased Mermaid Hunger From Fish Meals Insane sims talk to appliances Popcorn & Cotton Candy now fill hunger motive Eat & Put Away Your Leftovers.
Realistic Child Cooking Skills Reheat Food in Microwave Eat Outside Diners & ALL Restaurants Babysitter Mod No more "Baby is coming!" reaction Plants live longer Customizing Custom Drinks is Customizable Professional Juice Bar More Sims in Clubs NPC use subway Seasons Hot Beverages & Barista Bar Drinks on the Coffee Machine No Autonomous Smustle Dance Immortal Supernatural Creatures Choose Your Resort Buffet Foods Autonomous Fun In The Sun More Memory Chips from Nanites All Careers Available In the Future Non-Lethal Jetpack Glowing Eyes for Humanoid Plumbots or Simbots Hover board more fun and Less Clumsy Chance.
Sims 3 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 14/06/15)
Super CAS mod
Coming soon!

Sims 4 latest adult updates

Sims 4 latest updates

Sims 3 latest adult updates
Sex interactions 2.0 part of the super nude patch 3
  • Now Includes doggy and cowgirl sex positions as well as missionary.
  • The actions are now twice as long.
  • Automatic routing of sims, no more fussy set up needed.
  • Sims sigh and moan more than before.
  • You can now set mod options for teens, and automatic changing into nude outfit before sex.
  • Now includes pregnancy options Risky Sex and Try For Baby.
  • Added an option to allow same-sex pregnancy.
  • Pie menus changed to f***

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