If you don't have a credit card you can choose to pay by using a western union money transfer. Simply head down to your nearest western union branch or retailer and fill a form out to get a subscription click the image below to find a dealer in your location! Please be aware there may be additional charges when using western union if your not sure than please be sure to find out 1st before deciding to use them.

To use western union you will need to follow the below steps.
  1. First you need to fill out a western union money transfer form. Ask at your nearest western union branch near you or can also fill them out in certain banks or post offices. You can even fill them out online clicking the above button.

  2. Than follow the chart below on how much to send. DO NOT send amounts lower than subscription prices. ALL payments must be sent in Australian dollar (AUD) Due to the complexity and fees of WU the minimum you can order must be 2 months.

    1 months: $15
    2 months: $25

  1. Now to fill out the form in the receiver part enter the following

    First and last name: Christopher cook
    Country: Australia.
    Destination currency: AUD (Australian dollars)

  2. In the receivers identification part choose yes I have identification!

  3. Now for the sender part fill in just your 1st and last name.

  4. O.k now once you have paid you will receive a receipt look on the receipt for the MTCN number and write it down.

  5. Now e-mail me ALL the details below to set up your account and so I can collect the payment.

    Your E-mail address (must be real)
    Your 1st and last name only (must be the same name as you wrote on the form)
    Your country
    Your state
    Your post code
    Username you want to login in with (no spaces, numbers and letters only and it's case sensitive)
    Password you want to login in with (no spaces, numbers and letters only and it's case sensitive)
    The amount you sent (see table above for how much to send do not send amounts lower than subscription prices)
    The MTCN number (NO SPACES OR -)

  1. ALL details above MUST be included failure to do so will delay your subscription!

  2. Once I receive your e-mail letting me know I have payments waiting for me I'll head down and collect it than when I get back your subscription will be activated and you will be notified by e-mail. Subscriptions are usually set up within 24 hours (except on week ends you will have to wait until Monday since the branches are closed on weekends here.)

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